Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meal Plan 1/12-1/18 and the start of my fitness challenge

Breakfast has changed a bit around here.  I started my 9 week fitness challenge this week, and so I am at the gym by 5:00 a.m. many mornings.  I froze waffles and pancakes, and quick breads in advance so that our mornings there is one less thing to do in the morning!
A fitness challenge is something that I have always wanted to do so when the opportunity came up I decided to go for it.  Nutrition is a huge part of the challenge.  On the one hand we eat fairly healthy, and I am do not have to make drastic changes to our meals.  On the other hand I have a few habits that are getting nipped in the bud.   (i.e. Loosing track of portions because half the time I eat standing up, or I reward myself with something sweet just because-a lot of normal "mom things!")  There is a quite a lot of protein that is recommended during the challenge.  I am doing the best I can without adding any packaged protein bars, powers or shakes, and I am not calorie counting.  Oh-I can't forget about the water.  I am drinking a lot of water!
For the curious this is my family's meal plan.  It is safe to assume that I am eating eggs for breakfast, dropping any grains at supper, and eating beans or Greek yogurt in between.  (Slight exaggeration, but not much!)  I want to make sure that I am eating very closely to what the family eats so that I am setting a good example for my kids. 

B-French Toast
L-Pop Corn Chicken, Green Beans
S-Pizza and salad

B-Pumpkin Bread
L-Chicken Tortilla Soup
S-Roast Beef, salad and roasted veggies

B-Frozen Waffles
L-Chicken Tortilla Soup
S-Korean Beef and Brown Rice, sweet corn and carrots

L-PB&J, frozen peas
S-Garlic Lemon Chicken, sweet potatoes,  biscuits

B-Frozen Pancakes
L-Chicken Salads
S-Beef and Broccoli over Egg Noodles

B-Eggs and No-knead Wheat Bread
L-Beef and Broccoli (or Fish sticks.  The kids are up in the air about home much Beef and Broccoli.  It will either be gone or they will not touch it.  Anyone else with kids like that?)
S-Balsamic Tomato Chicken (this is a Pinterest experiment that I will need to tweak a bit) and whatever veggies I can find thrown into a skillet! 

B-Granola (Lasts week's granola experiment was a huge success!  4 for 4 with the kiddos so this mama's happy!)
L-Chicken on a salad
S-Ground Beef Tacos

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