Sunday, January 27, 2013

Menu Plan 1/28-2/1

We have been picking up speed as a family the last couple of weeks, and our lazy winter days are officially done.  Enrichment classes resume and it looks like a few things our social calendar are about to collide!  It is a good thing that buns are quick and easy to make because we are eating a few sandwiches this week!  I not only wrote out our meals but also a prep list for each day.  My goal is to go on autopilot this week! 

B-Freezer Pancakes
L-Stir fry from frozen veggies, brown rice and leftover shredded pork
S-Cheeseburger Pasta Skillet and roasted broccoli and corn

B-Oatmeal and Eggs
L-Pasta and Sauce with peas and carrots
S-Ham Sandwiches and raw veggies and dip

B-Breakfast Cookies
L-Fish sticks and peas and sweet potatoes
S-BBQ Beef Sandwiches, green beans

B-Pumpkin Bread and Eggs
L-Taco Corn Fritters (from the freezer) raw veggies
S-Beef and Noodles and Mixed veggies

L-Amish lunch

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