Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 1 Begins

Yesterday we begin our first full week with Kevin.  Since he came on a holiday weekend the days didn’t feel very normal.   I realized that I may have to fill the calendar with a few more things to do, the Science Center, zoo, etc.  I feel badly that he is 4 years older than our oldest, and so much goes on around him in a language he doesn’t fully understand.  I am trying to be sympathetic to both of these factors. 

He pulled away a lot yesterday from the activities that my kids were doing.  Not in a bad way; he just found other things to do. Still, the worrier in me wonders why.  It is not easy for me to get inside the head of a 12 year old boy.  Add to that the cultural/language differences and I am pretty clueless!  Was he physically tired?  Tired of playing games with an 8 year old?  Tired of not being able to communicate?  Was he uncomfortable with the heat and the humidity outside?  Or was he completely fine and likes to just do his own thing?  I may never know.  I just sat down with him and played a game of chess and Chinese checkers.  Then I made everyone cookies because cookies fix everything, right?  J  He is out playing hide and go seek-tag with our kids and the neighbors right now.  Yesterday just may have been "a day."  We all have those!

Kevin is easy going, and has been great at finding things to do.  The last couple of days that has meant playing piano, reading and art.  I wish I knew more about what music opportunities he has had in the past.  He is trying to learn the notes now.  I would love to find someone who speaks Spanish, plays piano and is willing to sit down with him and teach him a few things.  He is eager to learn.  Last year I bought an art curriculum that we never got around to finishing.  Kevin found it and has been putting it to good use.  I am so curious, are the supplies that we have more than he has had in the past or does he need more?  Our oldest two have been taking art lessons this summer, and I am excited for Kevin to be able to join them this week.  I think that he will love it! 

We took Kevin shoe shopping on Sunday.  He found a hat that he really liked too!  I have been told that any clothes that we send back with him will go into a community closet so to speak, but I hope he gets to keep the shoes and hat!  I think that he would sleep in them if he could! 

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  1. Bless you and Kevin. I pray this will be a blessed time for all of you.