Friday, July 12, 2013

Works of Art

He is so focused when he works! I am sure Adam found that refreshing.  His younger students have the attention span of a gnat!
Art lessons had to get juggled around a bit this week, but today was finally the day!  I was really looking forward to it since Kevin has had such an interest in art since he came here.  This summer Adam, a foreign exchange student from China, has come to our home and taught lessons to my older two right at our kitchen table (or on our porch!)  It has been a great blessing. 
I was curious to see if language would be a barrier, and I think that Adam was curious too.  We both  figured that art was a universal language, and they would be fine.  They were.  Adam would demonstrate, and Kevin was quick to catch on.  Take a look at Kevin's fine work!

Kevin's drawing of a leaf.

  Kevin's work on colors and shading.

   After lessons I asked Adam play piano for Kevin.  (Adam is a wonderful pianist.)  Then I twisted Kevin's arm into playing for Adam.  Adam was sweet enough to volunteer coming back for a few piano lessons in the next few weeks that Kevin is  here.  Everyone is excited about that!

Kevin is talking a little more each day.  He even asked me for a muffin today!  Like so many kids I have to push the veggies with him, but I am amazed that he has eaten everything I put on his plate, minus the green beans today.  To his credit he tried one-I held the grapes captive until he did!  I think that he tried peaches for the first time.  He liked those.  He helped flip tortillas last night for our burritos.  He was much more reliable to flip them before they burnt than the 8 year old volunteer.  They made a good team though!

Our next Kidsave event tomorrow-chocolate making at Chocolaterie Stam!  I am looking forward to that!

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