Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simply 10: The Bathrooms on Make a Move Monday

This week for my Simply 10 goal I was decluttering the bathrooms.  There didn't seem to be a lot of simplifying that I needed to do to my routines with the bathrooms.  I clean them once a week and the kids wipe them down as part of their chore rotation.  (Little boys=constant wiping)

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I did my half-bath first.  It was a piece of cake, proving that small spaces are easier to manage.  They simply hold less! 
The kids' bathroom was easy to work through as well.  Knowing that as my girls get older they will require more space in the bathroom I have left empty drawers and shelves so that I don't have to loose the space later on down the road!  We had a collection of towels that I quickly cut down by 1/3.  The towels that were formerly in our master bath I kept for guests and/or swimming towels.  The large hooded towels also got to stay for the kid's baths and showers.  The small hooded towels were put into the Goodwill pile.  (Even as I write this, however, I think "That's a lot of towels!  Are they all necessary?")  For some reason we had a pile of toothbrushes (Yuck!), and I ditched all the bath toys.  The kids were just playing with empty soap bottles anyway.  I grabbed some old baby toy buckets that have holes in the bottom.  I like the bath toys to have drainage so that they dry quickly. 
The master bath reminded me that clutter usually means a waste of money.  I went to Target earlier in the week and bought 3 things that I later found in our bathroom. Grrr!  I gave my mom 2 bottles of toner.  It was really good stuff so I was glad to find a home for it.  Since I use the oil cleansing method I don't need a lot of products for my face.  Yay!
Next week I am on the the toy room/home school room.  It is going to be great!
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  1. I just love this blog! I am trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, but as I looked at my recipes page on my blog I was saddened to see only this one recipe that was have done your job, you have made me open my eyes to how we are eating around here, and for that I thank you!!

    1. we have made some serious changes at our home also. It becomes easier with time. That is what I love about this blog it is about one simple change at a time. It has inspired me to write my own blog. I am at I love to come over here and see what I can gain from others of my own heart.

    2. You two are very sweet. I am encouraged both by your words and link ups. Thanks so much! Now I am off to read your posts! Thanks again ladies!

  2. keep writing and inspiring people to live the good life.

  3. Decluttering the bathroom is something I definitely need to tackle soon - especially the closet shelves! I'm sure I have a lot of old products buried back in there that I don't even use any more now that I've switched over to more natural products.

  4. Linked up my pulled pork sloppy joe recipe. Thanks so much for all your great ideas.

  5. Thanks for Hosting! This week, I attempted fermenting carrots. Delish!