Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meal Plan October 8-14

I just got up from a nap on this cool fall afternoon.  Now with a cup of coffee at my side I am meal planning for the week.  Ahh…this is my happy place! 

We have had a good weekend and are gearing up for the week ahead.  One major consideration for this week’s meal plan is that MAMA IS GOING OUT OF TOWN.  The women from our church are retreating to a camp an hour or so away on Friday night into Saturday, and I have decided to retreat with them.  I have spent the night without my children.  I have spent the night without my husband, but in the last 9 years I have never spent the night without my husband and my children.  Truth be told I am a little anxious about it.  My husband is a very capable father, but I like to set him up for success and have meals ready for him.  I planned a few meals this week that should have a lot of leftovers so that while I am gone he can reheat and go!


Breakfast-Frozen Waffles (These are so great for busy mornings when we are leaving the house, and I don't want to deal with a mess in the morning.)

Lunch-Out with family

Supper-Beef and Broccoli with egg noodles


Lunch-Chicken Tacos and sweet potatoes

Supper-Cashew Chicken and Rice, Green Beans (I am so excited to try this new crock pot recipe!)



Lunch-Clean out the fridge, it is leftover time!

Supper-Pork Sandwiches, Cheese and Broccoli Potatoes, Peas


Breakfast-Leftover Pancakes

Lunch-Pork quesadillas, raw veggies and dip

Supper-Chili and corn bread


Breakfast-Baked Oatmeal

Lunch-PB&J, raw veggies and dip

 Supper- Someone is cooking for ME and everyone else to small group


Lunch-Chili Soup

Supper-Pork Sandwiches, freezer corn and peas


Lunch-Popcorn Chicken, lettuce salad, bread


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