Monday, October 29, 2012

Healthy Living eBook Bundle...A GREAT Deal!

This is a great deal, A GREAT DEAL!  The Healthy Living eBook bundle promotion will only last for 5 short days, from October 29th – November 3rd, 2012 so don't let this great price expire without purchasing it!
The eBook bundle contains books from Stephanie Langford (, Laura Coppinger ( Mandy Ehman (, Katy Kimbal (, Todd Dosenberry (, and 19 other bloggers!

What type of books are in this bundle?

  • real food recipes-- main meals, snacks, smoothies, and more!
  • grain free and Paleo recipes
  • gardening and homesteading
  • healthy pregnancy, birth and babies
  • all-natural skincare and beauty tutorials and recipes
  • herbal remedies
  • tips for a healthier, more holistic lifestyle
  • saving money and time, even with a whole foods diet
Not to mention, well-known brands to bring you even more natural-living bonuses!!!

The Healthy Living eBook Bundle sale!
34 eBooks. $300 value. PLUS, $48 in natural-living bonuses and a chance to win one of three awesome kitchen appliances.


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