Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why We Homeschool

Schooling decisions can be very sensitive for some, so it usually takes a great deal of curiosity for someone to tilt their head to the side, squint their eyes slightly and say “Can I ask-why do you home school?”

We are between our 2nd and 3rd year of home schooling.  (We don’t formally preschool so I don’t count it.)  Our first year was a trial year for us.  After it went well we decided to home school our kids through grade school unless it seems God changes our course.  It is nice to be past the daily weighing of options and out of the active questioning phase.  Since we found our daily rhythm I do not get up every morning and ask “Why do I do this?”  Still, it is good to look back at our school decision process. 

After our first son was born my husband and I took a class called “Parenting with a Plan.”  In it we took a few weeks to discuss the 3 main schooling options families have: public, private and home schooling.  We were open to all and felt that they each had something to offer our family.  While we didn’t have a strong conviction one way or another, we did know that it was our God-given responsibility to teach and train our children even if we decided to enlist the help of a school system and its teachers.   For us it was not a “one-size fits all” issue.  Watching the parents with strong convictions about their schooling choice was hard.  I envied them as we went back and forth as to what would be best for our family. 

As our son grew we (and others) noticed that he was falling further and further behind in his speech.  Cognitively he was fine, but so much learning happens through communication and conversations.  His speech was affecting his learning.  Age 5 was fast approaching, and we had to find answers.  Finding the answer turned out to take more time than the solution-a tonsillectomy.  With his tonsils out he began to catch up to his peers at a rapid pace. 

Suddenly he was 5 and it was time to make an educational decision.  We felt that he could use another year at home working on his “preschool” skills and learning without worrying about where he compared to others.  It was a great decision and a great year for us.  We worked together in the afternoons while the little ones slept.  It was such a special time, and he learned so much.  I am so glad that he was spared being labeled as behind or slow. 

We continue now because home schooling has blessed us.  We appreciate the lifestyle that it gives our family.  We can closely monitor our children’s progress not only in academics but also in the development of their character.  The opportunities we have for hands on learning and serving together is exciting.   We are so thankful that God has led us down this road and are looking forward to the journey ahead.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm considerin home school in a year when I don't have to work outside the home anymore. But mine will be in 8th grade at that point... Kinda scary! :)

    1. I have a friend who started homeschooling her daughter later too. I admire you mamas! I knew that if I never tried I would regret it. Even if it didn't work I just had to try!