Sunday, June 24, 2012

For the Love of All things Green & Growing

Our garden gets a lot of neighborly attention because it is located on the corner of our lot near the sidewalk. One neighbor stopped me the other night and said, "Enjoy this year. There is nothing like your first garden!" I thought "That is really funny because that is what people told me about my first pregnancy!" 

Then I really laughed as I realized that is exactly how I am acting, like an expectant mother!  I go out to check on my garden a couple of times a day as if something should change since my last peak. I not so patiently await the arrival of the "due date" of my new fruit and get way to excited about each blossom and bud. 

We are still harvesting lettuce and now go out for daily sugar snap peas.  We have little peppers, green tomatoes and a few strawberries that we are anxiously awaiting to turn red.  The green beans keep sending out vines that are twisting up everywhere.  I am trying to train them to grow on the twine that I have strung over their heads!

I took out my camera the other night to capture a few shots when two teenage girls rode their bikes past.  One of them mockingly said "Look at me!  I am taking pictures of my plants!"  Let 'em laugh!  I am having a blast with my garden! 

Oh!  In other news we have been watching a pair of wrens "play tag" all spring.  They have such a pretty song that we were thrilled to see that they made a nest in the bird house my son made.  We walk by now to hear the hungry chirping of little baby birds.  It is so dark in their little house that I knew I couldn't get a great picture, but they are SO tiny!  It is precious!

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  1. I do the same thing - checking the garden multiple times every day just in case something might have changed in the one hour since I last checked it :)I take pictures of my garden too - it's so much fun to see the progress when things start growing!