Sunday, June 10, 2012

Simply 10-What to do with all those toys!

After year one of home schooling we concluded that it was working for us.  We decided we would continue down this path for the next few years we arranged our home to suit our schooling needs.  We turned the dining room into the home school room and the adjoining formal living room into a toy room.  I love it! 

Decluttering our toy room and home school room was easy for me.  I have tried to keep these rooms organized in a way that the kids can pick it up without me at the end of the day.  (Any advice you have on Legos  is appreciated.  I had a system for Legos, but our collection seems to breed like rabbits.  We have out grown it.)

I tossed all the “dollar bin” like toys that have accumulated over the past few months.  Broken crayons and full coloring books also found the trash can.  I thinned out some of our favorite toys just because it is summer and we aren’t playing inside as much.  We can get them out again when we need them. 

Those decisions weren’t hard for me at all, but I love puzzles, books and games.  I try to assure myself that Goodwill will find a good home for them.  They are good but just haven’t won their way into the hearts of my children.  I see the money that was spent by me or others who love my kids, and it is hard not to feel like that money was wasted.  I don’t like waste.  I constantly have to remind myself that while these things are good they were intended to bless us.  If they aren’t blessing my family they need to go.

The other pill have to swallow is my pride.  I have limitations on how much stuff (both physical and mental) I can manage.  I see it as a juggling act.  If God gave me the ability to juggle 5 balls at a time it does me and my family no good to try to juggle 6.  I want to do it all, and instead I end up doing many things poorly.  I am I work in progress.

Where to go from here…I think that the kitchen is next on my list.  I am not looking forward to that one!  I know that there is a lot of work to be done.  It will feel good when I am done, right?

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  1. Sometimes simplifying and getting rid of things is very needed. I think you hit it head on with the juggling example. We can make our load heavier than God intended sometimes!

    1. Thanks for visiting. I am glad that the juggling analogy made sense. Sometimes things are better in my head than written!

  2. We are a society overrun with stuff. Both my husband and I come from families that keep alot of stuff. We are trying to simplify and keep our stuff under control. I find it easier with less stuff. For the Legos I heard a great Idea. I have not tried it because we are not quite to that stage yet, but I am sure it is coming soon.

    Lay a sheet out on the floor, Make a rule that the leggos stay on this sheet. When the kids are done playing pull up the corners of the sheet and toss the whole thing into a bin dedicated to legos. Snap on the lid and away you go. Sound easy enough. The hardest part will be enforcing the rule of stay on the sheet. At our house my oldest is bossy. If I got it in his head he would be sure to enforce the rules. He would make sure that everyone who comes to play legos would know the rules before they begin.

    1. I have seen something online called Lay-n-go that is a similar idea. If I could so I would try to make one!
      I am also a first born rule follower! I can relate to his desire to enforce the rules! We have a daughter that we think would make a great police officer!

  3. So true - trying to juggle more than we've been given the ability to never works! Whenever I try to do too much, it always leads to more stress and I usually end up not accomplishing anything as well as I had intended to.