Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My New 3 Bag System-Organized on the Go!

This post isn't a "change your life" post.  This is just my purse/diaper bag solution after getting to the store only to discover my wallet is the the other bag. I am not normally a ditz, nor am I completely unorganized. Still unfortunately this has happened to me not just once or even twice.  No, this has become a comical recurrence in my house.   (I personally think that my babies sucked half my brains out while nursing, thus explaining my brain fog.  Anyone else?)
My sister-in-law is both highly organized and a consultant for Thirty-One.  She also has four kiddos so I went to her for help.  She showed me the 3 bags she uses, and I bought them.  I have been using them for almost two months now, and I am happy to report that I have not gotten to the store or library even once without my wallet!  I will include the Thirty-One links to the bags that I have been using. 

The Zippered Pouch-The "Diaper Bag"  The size of this bag is great.  It is is 9"x12.25"x2.5" and can easily hold a few diapers, wipes and fruit strips.  My baby is 17 months so I no longer need to carry everything but the kitchen sink with me just to buzz around town or go to church so this bag is great.

The Skirt Purse-For "Mom's Stuff"  This purse has a zipper top which is a must for me.  It has a cell phone pocket and a small zipper pocket.  I keep my keys and only my keys in the zipper pouch.  (I hate not being able to find my keys with four kids in the parking lot.  I did have to get a small little zipper pouch (my mom had a free one from the Clinique counter she let me have) for lip gloss and toiletries.  I didn't want them floating around in my purse.  The purse is big enough that even with my wallet and the extra pouch I still had room for my shopping list and the competitor's newspaper flier add.  At the same time, I don't feel that this purse is to big or clunky.

The Utility Tote-The "Key" bag.  The key to my new bag system is that both the diaper bag and my purse go into the utility tote unless I am somewhere the baby is not.  If I go to the store by myself (Can you hear the angels singing?) I just take my purse, and when I come home the whole purse goes back in the bag!  If we go to the library I take the whole Utility Tote.  I can even fit a lot of library books in it with my two bags.  (Not half the library like we tried the other day, but some books!) I carry a three ring binder with me most of the time.  (It has my meal plan, calendar, school stuff, shopping list, etc.) It fits nicely in there, and that makes me very happy.  I was worried that it would not be a good thing that the Utility Tote is open at the top, but it turned out to be a very good thing.  I can fit a lot more stuff in it if I need too.  I think that the zipper would limit how much it can hold.

I was vey sceptical at first.  How could three bags be better than two?  It seemed like I was adding another ball to juggle!  It was a little bit of money (I got the purse half off the month I was ordering SCORE!) Storing my purse in the larger bag is the key.  If I take my purse out to go somewhere, I put it directly back when I get home.  You could try using bags you have at home.  I will say I am glad I saved up for these.  They are quality and all fit together so nicely.  (Plus they are cute too!)  I would be remiss if I didn't include a link for ordering! 

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