Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Just for You" Women's Seminar Follow Up

I had a blast at The City Church Women's Seminar this weekend.  It was great sharing tricks and recipes and learning a few new ones!  There were a few questions that people kept asking so I will attempt a quick FAQ.

Does the laundry soap work?  Yes, I still use a spot treatment for the fun food stains my kiddos seem to think add color to my day, but I like this soap.

Why liquid laundry soap?  Why not a powder recipe with no melting?  The first reason would be that my mom said to use liquid.  My parents own an appliance store, and they say liquid for laundry and powder for the dishwasher.  (I have heard nothing positive about homemade dishwasher soap so I not even attempted it.)  The second reason is because I wash a lot in cold, and I don't think that the powder would break down and clean the clothes as well.  It took a little time to melt down the soap on the stove top even after it is was grated.  I think that liquid is the way to go on this one.

Why not use the fancy cleaning rags that just need water?  I have nothing against those cleaning products I just don't think that they are the best fit for our family.  Homemade products are so cost effective to make, that it would take a LONG time to equal out.  At $0.08 a bottle for window cleaner I could make 225 bottles before breaking even on a window cloth.  Before I started making my own I was tempted to purchase toilet brush system.  You should have seen my husband's face when I told him that it was $50+!  Often time cleaning is a family affair at our house.  I don't hand my kids $15 rags.  It isn't their fault; they are little and ruin things. I just want to keep things as simple as possible.  Having one rag for the dishes and one rag for the counters and another for the windows doesn't seem as simple as it could be.  That system just wouldn't work for our family.

What is tea tree oil?  Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Many women this weekend shared tea tree oil tips with me so I can't want to learn more about it.  I didn't start using tea tree oil until recently.  It is optional in so many recipes, but I decided that I make enough products that I wanted it around for a little extra cleaning power!  I have seen it at Trader Joe's and the health food store.

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