Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Our Homeschool Looks Like

This year I began my 3rd year (what?!) of homeschooling and added a second official pupil.  I have wrestled with a great deal of fears and concerns, but we are about to begin week 4, and by God’s grace it is going relatively well.   We prefer an earlier August start and then are finished earlier in May.  We also enjoy a 4 “book day” school week and one day for extra classes and field trips. 

This week I will begin a series of posts about our homeschool year.  People who are curious about homeschooling are typically in two camps 1) Homeschooling is a foreign concept, and they don’t know how anyone would go about it or 2) They are homeschooling themselves and looking for ideas.  I have been in both camps at different times and am willing to let others look at our journey as we learn together.   We will look at the following:

The Space: Where we homeschool (learning is everywhere!) and where we keep the homeschool stuff.

The Books: What we are using for curriculum this year.

The Plan: How I map out our days and weeks.

The Reality: A day in the life-Our day never doesn’t always go as planned.  We’ll see what it looks like when the rubber meets the road.

 Do you have any burning homeschool questions?  I will do my best to address them (as a pilgrim, not a sage!)  I am looking forward to this series, and I hope that you enjoy it too! 

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