Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laundry Links You Need!

This year I started making my own laundry soap.  It is super easy, effective, and cheap, Cheap, CHEAP!  I have expanded my laundry adventures to stain removers.  Today I am passing along my favorite laundry links!

Liquid Laundry Detergent-I use liquid because this is what was recommended by the manufacturer.  This recipe makes a lot so if your have a small family and little storage find a friend or neighbor and split the batch.  I used this soap to pre-treat a shirt after popsicle fiasco the other night.  I put the soap on the shirt after bedtime baths but waited to wash it with the regular laundry the next morning.  Not a bit of color on it!  Hooray!

Powder Laundry Detergent-While I don't personally have experience with this recipe I have a couple of friends who love taking the powder short cut!

Homemade Oxiclean-I don't normally buy white T-shirts for my 7 year old son, but I found a pile of new Nike T-shirts for $0.50 each at a garage sale.  White or not they were a bargain!  I have been using oxiclean this summer to try to keep them white!

Everything Cleanser-I still love this stuff.  I use it on my stainless steal pains, our tubs and toilets and yes, on our clothes.  I love solid shirts, but in my chosen profession is kind of messy.  I end up with a lot of those annoying oil spots that look wet after they are dry!  This stuff does the trick!

Fabric Softener/Color Catcher-White vinegar works wonders in the laundry room and it is oh so cheap too! 

May your laundry be clean and may the little laundry elves fold the clothes while you sleep! :)


  1. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) is used in swimming pools and can be purchased at most pool supply stores. It is only sold in larger quantities, however. Tara (or anyone else in the Ames area who knows me), I am happy to give you a cup. I have plenty :)

  2. Isn't making laundry soap the best? I'm so glad we started too.
    Love the pic of the laundry on the line.
    Enjoy your week!

    1. Do you use liquid or powder? (Just curious!)