Monday, April 9, 2012

Winning over my husband

While we were dating my husband had (what I thought) was a really cool car, a cobalt blue Beretta.  He spent every Sunday afternoon washing it.  He likes clean vehicles, but four children later he has succumbed to the fact that our clean car days are on hold for a bit! 
On Saturday he came in from the garage and asked, "If a guy were to want to clean his car with green cleaner, would you have any homemade cleaners for him?"  I almost bought the act, but I know my husband and got suspicious.  Did he really want to use a healthier cleaner?  He smiled and told me that actually when he went to the auto parts store earlier that morning he spent $200 in parts.  He was out of car cleaner and just couldn't handle spending $10 more on car cleaner.  Motive doesn't matter to me at this point.  I will take it. 
He used all purpose cleaner and window cleaner on the interior of his car and was pleased with the job that it did.  Hooray!  This chart shows just how much can be saved by making healthier, cheaper homemade products.

Homemade Cleaner
Comp Cost
Amount Saved
Jet Dry (8.45 oz)
Downy Ultra (77 oz)
FREE!  It's my fabric softener!
Shout Color Catcher
   (24 ct)
Swiffer Wet Jet Refill (42.2 oz) (Not the cleaning pads)
Window Cleaner
Windex (32 oz)
Laundry Soap
Gain Liquid (50 oz)
Soft Scrub (26 oz)
Lysol Toilet Cleaner  
(24 oz)


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