Sunday, September 16, 2012

Make A Move Monday & Remember when...

The other day my neighbor said "Your house looks so clean on your blog pictures."  The part she graciously left out of the conversation was, "And many times when I stop in, it does not look that way!"  :)  I readily admitted that when I take pictures I try to leave out the mess! 

I do not want to paint a picture that things are more put together here than they really are!  That would be easy to do, but not at all fair!  Let's take a look at this weekend for example:

Starting back on Thursday already we were in and out of the house. Enrichment classes, groceries, school, soccer practice, the park, a field trip, small group and then a soccer game.  By the time we got home from the game on Saturday morning the house was a wreck.  The weather had been cool in the morning but warmed up as the day progressed.  For three days kids had shed their socks and sweat shirts all around the house.  The clothes were intermingled with an array of shoes Lego's, dolls, blankets and all other paraphernalia from the toy box.  Right before lunch my youngest spilled the bowl of watermelon onto the kitchen floor, and as I was taking three crying children upstairs for nap time my husband hollered "Um, someone had a problem in the bathroom!"  Oh yes, someone got poop on the floor.  It had been stepped in and tracked down the hall.  This was certainly not a picture moment.

I worked like a crazy woman in the two hours I had before we had to leave again.  I made my husband stop and look at the house before we left.  He said, "Good job, Honey. Lunch was a complete disaster, but you got this place turned around!"  You loose some; you win some!

We all have these moments.  May the insainity humble us and may it give us a great sense of humor!  May the pictures make us laugh some day and "remember when..."

*The picture in this post was not from this weekend, but another time last winter when life and creative play got out of hand.  We do NOT have a Christmas tree up in September!

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  1. remember the old calgon comercials. The dog is barking, the phone is ringing, there is someone at the door and the kids are pulling at the shirttails. "CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!" she says. Then they show the nice luxury bath. really!! I wish it were that way. I usually have to roll up my sleeves and get to work when life gets that way.

    Oh I think we all have those moments. Mine happen like everyday, all day long. The other night, it was about ten thirty and I was finally winding down for the night and my dear husband asked "Did you make that phone call today!" I snapped back, "No I haven't had time to even breathe today, let alone make a phone call, why couldn't you do it?" I was not very nice to him. I am learning to find the humor in it all. After all they are only little once.

    I think I will link up a post about raising three little ones and the reality of what I thought it would be as compared to what it really is like. Thanks for the link up.