Sunday, September 2, 2012

Make A Move Monday-Crunchy Kids Say

It is Make A Move Monday, and I must say that I loved last weeks links.  Thank you to all who linked up!  This week I thought that I would put together a little list of "Crunchy Kids Say."  You see, since we have started making some of these moves for our health my kids assume that this is the way that everyone operates.  There have been quite a few funny things that come out of their mouths when life does not align with this assumption.  My husband will shoot me a look that says "Oh Tara!  You have ruined them!"  I just smile and nod when they say things like:
  • What is Kool-Aid?
  • What was the name of this cow-before it was hamburger I mean!
  • Mom, why don't you ever make cheese? You should really try it sometime.
  • Hey Mom, you forgot to give us our fish oils today.
  • My hips are sore.  I think that it is time to go back to the chiropractor.
  • No sugar for me today.  I think I am getting a little sick.  Sugar makes you sicker you know.
  • I love ghee!
  • Can I help you make laundry soap?
  • Is this water-water or vinegar-water?
  • Can I have this muffin recipe when I go to college?  I am going to make these!
I love my kids.   I love they that they love me even though I do things that are a little off the normal path. 
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  1. Thanks! I left the post about making bread and butter pickles - and I loved the "crunchy kids say..." post!!! :-) Heather

  2. kids do say the funniest things. My grand kids keep me laughing all the time. Thanks for sharing this week at The Gathering Spot.

  3. Ha ha, I loved all of the quotes from your kids! :) And it's great that they're getting such an early start on a healthy lifestyle!!

  4. Great quotes from your kids - it's lovely they are so aware of what they are eating!