Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Living History Farms

We decided to take Kevin to Living History Farms today.  It seemed like a good idea for two reasons:
  1. Today was the coolest day in the 10 day forecast.  We can save the Science Center for a day we need the AC.
  2. The Summer Miracles chaperone is also staying with us and could help me translate the historical farms and village.  I figured that that there might be a few things that would be difficult to understand since he was looking at the history of a culture that is foreign to him! 
We went to the farms first.  I thought that would be a bigger hit for Kevin than the town.  I was right.  The hike was beautiful, and large farm animals are fun to see no matter what language you speak! 
The sheep on the 1800s farm

Petting horses on the 1900s farm

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