Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meal Plan 2/3-2/9

Yesterday we went to Costco and Trader Joe's and stocked up on bulk groceries.  It never fails; I start unpacking bags and boxes back in my kitchen and realize I forgot something!  Why do I always do that?  All is not lost though; we still have plenty to eat!  Here is what I have planned for this week.  I linked up many of the recipes.  Try them and let me know if your family enjoyed them too!

B-Oatmeal and Eggs
L-Shipwreck, Green beans and lettuce salad
S-Superbowl party! (I might bring this spaghetti squash recipe.  I know it is not really "Superbowl food," but I don't think that this will be well received by many in my family, and I really want to eat it!  My favorite solution to this problem...take it to a potluck!  I am also taking this Cheese Dip out of respect for traditional football food.)

B-Frozen Waffles
L-Leftover Shipwreck and spaghetti squash
S-Cashew Chicken, Brown rice, Roasted Broccoli and Sweat potatoes

B-Pumpkin Bread and Eggs
L-Beans and Rice (We are studying Louisiana this week!)
S-Sausage Soup

B-Baked Oatmeal and Eggs
S-Beef Sandwiches, Green Beans and Freezer Sweet Corn

B-Eggs and No-Knead Bread
L-Sandwiches, raw veggies and dip  (Check out the updates to my favorite hamburger bun recipe!)
S-Cod, Mashed Potatoes and mixed veggies

L-Pop Corn Chicken, sweat potatoes and lettuce salad
S-Chili Soup

B-French Toast Waffles
L-Chili Soup, Raw veggies and dip

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  1. Loved the shipwreck. By the way, have you ever tried making you hamburger bun dough in a bread maker first?