Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meal Plan Jauary 5-11

I am kind of getting board with my meals.  I think it is time to go searching through my "Food to Try" board on Pinterest for a few new recipes! 

B-Frozen Waffles
L-One last Christmas potluck!  I am bringing green beans and a variation of this successful pasta dish find from Pinterest.
S-Shredded Pork Sandwiches (It is always nice to be able to pull cooked meat from the freezer for some easy sandwiches after a busy day.)

B-Eggs and Bread
L-Shredded Pork on a lettuce salad
S-Honey Sesame Chicken and Rice (Fingers crossed on this Pinterest recipe) and Roasted Broccoli

B-Eggs and Chocolate Zucchini Bread
L-Left over Honey Sesame Chicken and mixed veggies
S-Salmon Patties and Raw Veggies with Ranch

B-Baked Oatmeal  (My sister had this while she and her family stayed with us over Christmas and needed the recipe.  It is really good oatmeal!)
L-Clean out the Fridge
S-Hearty Bean Bake and sweet potatoes

B-Frozen Pancakes
L-Hearty Bean Bake and raw veggies
S-Chicken Tacos

B-Granola (New recipe so we will see how this goes!)
L-Chicken Taco Salads
S-Supper with our new small group

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