Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make A Move Monday-Simply 10 Wrap Up

Well, it is Make a Move Monday again-as well as July already!  Welcome!

I did not move on to a new room for Simply 10, but ended up back in the kids’ rooms.   We decided to switch bedrooms at our house which was a complete fruit basket upset.  The mess is still alive upstairs, but the positive is all the sorting and simplifying we are getting done along the way.  With the boys moving to a smaller room and our girls moving in together there isn’t room for as much stuff.  
My goal for my family is that we have what we need, use or enjoy, and can manage.  I want to develop good habits of stewardship in myself and kids.  I have learned that simplifying is more than just sorting through stuff.  It is a mindset that I have each time I bring something into my home and every time I go to put something in its place.  If you are thinking of simplifying there are two resources I would recommend.  Tsh Oxenreider’s Book Simply Organized or this Facebook page started by Keeper of the Home.

This is my last Simply 10 post.  Next week I will start a new series called “Rethinking Food.”  I hope that you will join me! 

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  1. Thanks for featuring me this week! I am making the move to learn new skills. This week I attempted yogurt for the second time. It was sucessful. I have been really impressed upon to improve my skills. It takes time and patience. I love my little homestead. It is fun to help my kids and see them as we learn and exprience it together. I did not know that I could be so happy living a simple little life.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your new "Rethinking Food" series!