Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Kidsave Update!

What an abundant few months we have had as a family! A crazy summer and now we are a couple months into school already!  It has been refreshing for all of us to get back into the routine of school and to spend weekends playing soccer and working around the house. 
Kidsave was a blessing for our family, but it made for a very busy summer.  We packed all of our normal activities in before Kevin came and our time with Kevin was busy as well.  (Pregnancy thrown in there made me slower and I think made me feel like I had more on my plate as well!)  It was well worth it though. 
I am happy to report that a family is pursuing Kevin's adoption!  We are so excited for him and this precious family.  I am also excited that as I have talked with other host families about the 7 other kids that came to Iowa this summer, we think that letter's of intent have been filed for 5 of them.  Isn't that wonderful?   In the mean time I will keep praying for the two girls that I know still need a home.  I remember them so specifically in the airport leaving and wondering about the trajectory of their life and where they go if they don't find a family.
People have asked us about our experience with Kidsave and if we will host again.  We know that with the arrival of baby 5 in 2014 that we will not be hosting this summer.  Our kids are disappointed, but we will find ways to support the host families and be involved.  I hope we can host again someday.  My husband was just talking yesterday about hosting a sibling set sometime. 
Our eyes have been opened to the great need that there is for children without families, and we are challenged to find ways to support and assist them.  Just Saturday I was driving down the street passing store after store, thinking about how we as Americans have so, SO much.  The majority of our worries are not about daily provisions like so many others around the world.  How can I live on less so that others can have more?  Then, because I am such a fickle human I was talking to my husband about new flooring in our house.  It will be a constant battle to keep the needs of others in the front of my mind for sure. 

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  1. Great to read a post from you, Tara! On Saturday night, Colin and I were talking about how we wonder how Kevin is doing...